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Eat Real Cacao

A real Chocolate bar is not your typical bar highly processed bar made of cocoa butter, cocoa powder/liquor, sugar and artificial caffiene; neither is it the best dark bar with the proper certification labels a typical health conscious person would check for (fair-trade, USDA Organic, etc..). Real chocolate bars are made keeping the cacao fruit closest to its raw state as possible from start to finish; that is, retaining the integrity of the theobroma cacao fruit – it’s bio-chemical and nutritive properties – through all stages of production. In other words, there are no shortcuts or compromises that degrade the power of cacao in it’s raw state.  Lastly, the cacao pods of a real bar are sourced from ethical non-commercialized and non-artificially hybridized farms (like Noniland).

The secret to making the real cacao bar as oppossed to the regular cocoa bar is not heating or roasting the cacao beans.

If you have never tasted a real cacao bar, then you have never truly experienced the heart-opening mood enhancing chemicals of theobromine, and phenylethylamine, and anandamide… These positive effects are a result of slowly stone-grinding the whole cacao beans at low temperatures under 115 degrees F.

The pioneers of this high quality, high vibrational chocolate bar are Sacred Chocolate founders, Steve Adler and David Avacado Wolfe.  You can experience all of what the cacao plant has to offer with sacred chocolate’s 100% cacao hearts. For the best raw cold-processed chocolate bars on Earth click this link Sacred hearts chocolate