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Education of the Child: Authority?

Give him no authority in his youth, and do not ignore his errors. – Sirach 30:11

The precept “give no authority” to your child sounds pretty harsh at first glance. But, when given more thought of its implications, from a big picture point of view, the profound truths become clear. One point I would like to highlight here is the fact that by teaching the child on a basis of complete authority (no relinquishing or relegating authority) the child builds trust and through the bonds of trust, a greater sense of love can be experienced in the child towards the parent. Children in their young years need to learn through authority because of the intellectual deficiency of judgment and critical thought. However, it is of no good for a child to trust in an authority who is devoid of truth. So this is, also, a reminder to parents that you are entrusted with the task of parenting from a foundation of truth. With that said, It would do well here to quote an excerpt by the famous philosopher and founder of the first Waldorf School, Rudolph Steiner, in his Lecture titled “Teaching From a Foundation of Spiritual Insight”

The excerpt expounds on the above biblical precept, which is as follows:

“It is an erroneous belief of our materialistic that very young children should decide for themselves. On the contrary, we should do everything possible to hinder that. During this period of childhood [7 to 14 years old], children should learn through authority. During the second seven year period, people should instruct children and not teach through example. We form a strong memory, not by explaining al the “whys” and “wherefores,” but through authority. We must surround children with people thet can count on, people theu can trust — people who can awaken in the children a belief in the authority they hold. Only after this stage of life should we guide children into their capacity for judgment and independent reason. By freeing the child from the limitations imposed by authority, you rob the etheric body [vital force – builder and shaper of the physical body] of the possibilty of a well-founded development.”

RudOlf Steiner

Parents today, seem unfamiliar with this concept of being the authority over their children because of an incremental socially engineered plan aimed at inverting family dynamics for the sake of social control. The famed Occultist and Founder of the LUCIS TRUST (a primary NGO for the UN), Alice A. Bailey, in her 10 point Charter Plan, wrote, “reduce the parental authority over the children, Break the communication between parent and child (Why?). So that parents do not pass on their Christian traditions to their children, liberate children from the bondage of their parent traditions.”

As parents, we ought to consider that TV programming and government education camps discourage parental authority, by promoting the very opposite – children having a say on matters beyond their intellectual capacities and understanding. Should I say gender identity?

It is beyond evident that children are not being served by this cultural education system of liberation. If it were so, then we would be seeing the good fruits thereof. On the contrary, more and more confusion is being sowed amongst the children while parents, struggling to meet the bare necessities of family life and thoroughly distracted with entertainment, lack the time to connect the dots.

Yet, no need to despair because the internet has made it possible to get the find information without great difficulty.

Lastly, the apocryphal teachings on child-rearing deserve far more attention that what otherwise has been given by church leaders. Moreover, spiritual holistic educators like Steiner who align more closely with Biblical teachings should be taken into consideration as well. Food for thought – According to one study the Waldorf school graduates are more likely than not to put the needs of others ahead of their own in comparison to the US general population.