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Insights into Self-healing and Disease Part 2

The following excerpt is taken from Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Essay, “The Definite Cure for Chronic Constipation

No advance physician will deny the relation between any disease and constipation. But today people are far away from Nature and the truth, and they are kept more and more in darkness—when taken sick, they do just the opposite of what they should do. The slightest indisposition, a little headache or cold, which is the result of insufficient bowel movement, is treated with more and so-called better eating— in spite of a decreased appetite. This is the main reason why influenza, the “flu,” became a fatal disease. Formerly “flu” was as easy to cure as the harmless “Grippe”—a self-cleansing process of the body, mostly prevalent in springtime. Knowing nothing of “scientific medicine,” germs, etc., the patient instinctively followed their lack of appetite, took a mild laxative, and very rapidly recovered; usually, they felt much better after than before the “healing” disease. Today, he or she is falsely taught that a germ is responsible—and not his or her dangerous unhygienic habits. They eat too much, which is against the law of Nature, instead of fasting the way every ailing animal cures itself. But the amount of internal impurities and autotoxins of humans exceed those of any diseased animal. A long fast, therefore, would kill the majority of sick people; however, they would not die by starvation but would become suffocated from their own poisonous filth. As an authority in fasting, I know full well the reason why a fast is so feared by most people, and that it has been misapplied by laypersons. It is a crime to advise a constipated patient to fast until their tongue is clean before removing the “deposits of poisons” from his or her intestines. I could only succeed in curing very old, severe cases of chronic constipation by relatively long fasts. Humans, in regard to health, are more degenerated than any kind of animal. Men and women have lost their reason, so to say, about matters of which they think the animal has none at all. Yet, their intelligence places them far above the animal and enables them to assist Nature to overcome obstructions and difficulties that could become dangerous. That is the philosophical sense of the Art of Naturopathy.