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Superseding the Majesty of Nature

In ignorance of nature’s capability to heal human ailments, the mainstream medical system and its adherents have unwittingly accepted a practice that presumes to supersede natural treatments for human conditions with nothing to show for it (see post medical paradox). The truth and irony of this widely accepted practice (Pharma prescriptions) are that most Westerners do not trust in the plants that actually provide Big Pharma with their “cures” (pharmaceuticals).

What are pharmaceuticals anyways? In reality, Pharmaceuticals are nothing more than the chemically derived constituents of plants that are picked for their specific chemical effect on the body. In other words, the process strips the plant of its medicinal constituents, isolating the specific component from the others for its desired effect. Now, just understanding that alone would make you pause to realize the harm it could create. It is presumptuous to strip the plant of its whole presuming that the other components of the plant serve no purpose synergistically speaking.

“It is very unfortunate that man has so completely lost himself for thousands of years as to have taken chemical in an inorganic state in the form of drugs, when these same chemicals could have been obtained in the natural organic state from the plant kingdom. For instance, medical doctors prescribe iron as a tonic for blood when it is found plentifully in Spinach, Apples, lettuce, and Cabbage. Why resort to opium (Ed: and other sedatives) when the Onion and Lettuce possess properties that accomplish the same results? The foods which are most favorable to the reduction of fever and the neutralization of toxins in the body are the acid and sub-acid varieties. These are Limes, Lemons, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Oranges, Pineapple Plum, Cherries, Peaches, And Pears. Thy use dangerous drugs to reduce fever when the acid fruits have a natural tendency to lower the temperature without causing after-effects which are so fearfully dreadful.”

“God has placed the most nourishing of the minerals in the skins of the fruit and vegetables we discard.” . . . “The longer a man lives, the more he realizes how much his early ignorance has shortened his life. But unfortunately, when he wakes up, it is often too late to correct his mistakes.” – Frederick W. Collins

“Natural immunity is the only immunity, everything else is an artificial attempt to cheat nature and nature is never cheated. If we relate to the natural world properly and treat it properly we will have health. But if we elect to think we can fool Mother Nature we are only fooling ourselves.”