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What we need to hear on overcoming Diabetes

When searching for a solution to any illness, we often seek out quick convenient fixes involving the least amount of change in our lifestyle as possible, that is, our diet, excerice, and minimizing environmental toxins to name a few. Meanwhile, these fixes, often pharmaceutical based, only mask the symptoms to make life more manageable, but yet perpetuate the underlying problems getting us nowhere in recovering health. 

To really get one on the road to recovery, we must identify the thing (often a bad lifestyle habit) which has brought you to such a poor condition. Once we can identify that root cause, then the solution becomes apparant. 

Here I want to propose the main cause for the diabetes epidemic that I found, in my research, a few experts are willing to give. The following is from the book Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford:

Overeating, a popular pastime in the wealthy nations, is thought to be the major cause of premature aging. 50 years of research have shown that when a nourishing diet is eaten sparingly aging is retarded; the maximum life span and immunity are extended in all animals species so far tested from worms to fish as well as humans. In fact, consumption of too much rich and denatured food is responsible for most of our civilized diseases such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes.”

“Overeating is one of the most wasteful things. Diabetes, known as a “prosperity disease,” is primarialy caused by overeating, not only sugar, but too much food in general. It is unheard of in countries where people cannot afford to overeat.” – Paavo Airola “How to Get Well”

Pp. 211

Healthful advice is nothing new under the sun: 

Do not have an insatiable appetite for any luxury,
and do not give yourself up to food;
30 for overeating brings sickness,
and gluttony leads to nausea.
31 Many have died of gluttony,
but he who is careful to avoid it prolongs his life.

– Sirach 37

The cure and prevention protocol this book suggests is to eat less (to 2/3 full): small more frequent meals throughout the day consisting of plant based Nature-All foods with supplemental organic grass fed meats. 

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